Massage Therapist          Self-Care Educator                    Life Coach
What does Living Invictus mean?

It may look and feel different for each person; but,
the essence of Living Invictus is facing many defeats yet remaining unconquered.

At times, every person needs assistance to remain unconquered.
This is where I can help.

As a Massage Therapist, I can help you.
When stress, chronic pain, headaches, depression, anxiety, or injury have you sidelined; 
I can help relax and reclaim your body.

As a Self-Care Educator, I can help you. 
When you find yourself between massage appointments, but wish you weren't; 
I can help you learn ways to take care of yourself and expand your mind.

As a Coach, I can help you.
When you find yourself in the liminal space of inbetween;
I can help you find answers hidden deep inside yourself and reclaim your spirit.